Cheating Spouse
When the fear of infidelity becomes a part of your life, you need answers. Contacting a private investigator to check on a loved one is hard to do, but living with the fear and doubt is clearly worse. Your investigator will follow your spouse in a professional manner, be discrete and will make every effort to blend with his/her environment. If video documentation was obtained, a DVD will be provided to you along with a comprehensive written report.

Signs of Infidelity

  • Sudden increase in time away from home
  • Decreased sexual interest with you
  • Cheating spouse is often distracted and day dreaming
  • Cheating husband or wife is often “unavailable” while at work
  • Cheating spouse attends new functions outside of work or not wants to go alone
  • Cell phone calls from you are not returned in timely fashion
  • Cheating spouse leaves house or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone
  • Cheating spouse uses computer alone and secretly
  • Cheating spouse asks about your schedule more often than usual
  • Mileage on car is high yet he / she reports only short distance errands
  • Clothes smell of perfume or cologne
  • Cheating spouse gets his / her laundry done independently
  • Unexplained payments on bank statements
  • Cheating spouse has more cash on hand without accountability
  • Cell phone bills contain calls with long duration
  • Cheating spouse now has a phone card but never used one before
  • Cheating wife or husband has unexplained receipts in wallet or purse
  • Cheating spouse has suspicious phone voice-mail messages
  • Cheating spouse has suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed
  • Internet web browser history list (this is a record of web sites visited) contains unusual sites
  • Cheating spouse begins to use new or free e-mail account
  • Cheating spouse is suddenly deleting e-mail messages

Other reasons to use surveillance:
Out of Control Teen
Child custody
New lover

Missing Person

Your investigator use special techniques and databases to locate the missing person.

Dead Beat Parents

Divorce/Child Custody

Is the other party an unfit parent? Through a background check and surveillance, your investigator will gather the information that you need to prove your case.

Background Investigations

Who should conduct background checks?

Your investigators will check the following:
County Civil Search
County Criminal Search
Federal Criminal Court Searches Sexual Offender Registry Searches

You deserve peace of mind.
Better be safe than sorry.

Remote Vehicle Tracking

Your investigator use a GPS device which uses satellite technology for tracking a vehicle in real-time. From the privacy of a computer, you and your investigator can watch a vehicle's path in real-time displaying where a vehicle is at all times! You'll never have to wonder about your spouse or teenager again.

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