Surveillance is the covert watching of an individual or group to determine his/her actions, physical abilities and intent. This can be accomplished through mobile surveillance or from a fixed location. Mobile surveillance can be on foot, in a vehicle or both. With the latest equipment and skills, your investigator can conduct an array of surveillances related to fraudulent claims, litigious individual filing suits, liability, and employee theft. Your investigator will behave in a professional manner, be discrete and will make every effort to blend with his/her environment. If video documentation was obtained, a DVD will be provided to you along with a comprehensive written report.

Workers Compensation Fraud

Workers´ compensation fraud occurs when someone knowingly, with intent to defraud, makes a false, material statement to obtain or deny a benefit. Fraud affects a company´s bottom line, and therefore it affects all the employees. Money that could finance additional staff or increase employee wages must be diverted to pay for increased premiums.
Surveillance is one of the most important aspects of a workman’s compensation case. Your investigator will document the subject’s activities, physical abilities and determine if the subject is working a second job. In addition to surveillance, your investigator may recommend a background investigation to determine if the subject has a history of workman’s compensation claims along with a hospital check to verify if the subject had any preexisting conditions or injuries.


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